Jump City Fitness, or JCF, is a Parkour Academy where all the basics of Parkour are taught and practiced to perfection. JCF is also an Outdoor Gym where you can get a great traditional workout as well as focusing on other forms of functional training such as calisthenics or Boot Camp styled training.

JCF is one of South Africa's first developing Parkour Parks. Built entirely by the hand of the owner and business partner, Storm Espach, JCF is almost fully customizable to mimic either the urban environment or a natural one. It is the perfect venue to either keep fit or train for that challenge you've always wanted to try, like the "Impi Challenge".

Located in Midrand and on the grounds of Friendsan Health and Fitness Centre members can really get an across the board workout from the traditional indoor gym to the functional Outdoor gym that is JCF. Choose one or the other or choose both, either way you will get the workout you want.

What Jump City Fitness Offers

  • Parkour Lessons for all ages
  • Body Conditioning Classes
  • Calisthenic Training
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Home training - we come to you
  • Crash mates and Sandpit for Safe Learning
  • Experienced and Professional Instructors


Founded in 2012 and owned by Paul Gray, Jump City Fitness started off like all other Local Parkour Academies. In the beginning there was empty ground with only a couple vaulting boxes and bit of scaffolding. JCF has now grown to feature monkey bars, sand pit, traverse climbing wall and much more.

Students and all athletes whether, Parkour and Freerunning Practitioners or just fitness inspired individuals can now use and enjoy JCF's developing park.

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