Terms and Conditions

When you join Jump City Fitness you agree to the following terms and conditions pertaining to your membership at Jump City Fitness:
1. I specifically record that I am medically, physically and mentally fit and able to become a member of Jump City Fitness. I hereby waive and abandon all and any claims or otherwise which I might have against Jump City Fitness and/or Friendsan Health and Fitness CC, out of whatever cause, in particular for any injuries or damages which I might sustain in and around the grounds of Friendsan Health and Fitness Centre and wherever Jump City Fitness might be training, whether a trainer or member of staff is in attendance or not.
2. I understand and acknowledge that there are inherent risks and dangerous of Parkour, which include but are not limited to personal injury, damage to property, and death. I hereby waive and abandon any and all claims or otherwise which I might have against Jump City Fitness and its affiliates for any injuries or damages which I might sustain or cause as the result of training and practicing Parkour or any other form of exercise.
3. Any payments due by me in respect to my membership will be paid in advance and classes will be paid in full. I will not under any circumstances and for any reason whatsoever be entitled to refund of payment made by me after the commencement of the first day of the first class and that this membership is not refundable or transferable.
4. I will remain liable for fees due by me irrespective of whether or not I attend classes. For any monthly class packages purchased, classes that are missed during the applicable month of that package are non-transferable and non-refundable.
5. Cancellation of personal training, individual, or small group classes paid on a monthly basis must be cancelled a minimum of 12 hours before the class. Classes cancelled less than 12 hours before will be charged in full for that class and I acknowledge that I am liable to any payment due by me for those/that class.
6. I understand that the membership fee is a once off payment and non-refundable.
7. I understand and agree that I will be given an access code/a fingerprint will be captured in order to gain access to Friendsan Health and Fitness premises.
8. I understand and agree that I will only be able to gain access to Friendsan Health and Fitness premises from 5:55am until 7:00pm Monday to Friday and 6:55am until 12:30pm on Saturdays.
9. I understand that I will be refused access to the premises and attendance to classes should my fees not be paid in full at all times.
10. I understand that NO CHILDREN are permitted to play in the fitness centre at any time or for any reason whatsoever.
11. I understand that the minimum age for joining Jump City Fitness is 11 years 6 months.
12. Parents of minors attending Parkour or Fitness classes held by Jump City Fitness must sign a Parental/Gaurdianship consent form providing all particulars contained therein and agree to the terms and conditions stated on that form.
13. I understand that times and dates of classes are controlled by Jump City Fitness and are subject to change.
14. I understand that Jump City Fitness has the right to cancel classes that fall on public holidays.
15. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the hosting premises of Jump City Fitness’s classes.

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