What is Parkour?

Parkour is a movement-based discipline. The object of training parkour is to overcome any obstacle in one's path, or to cross any terrain, as quickly and effectively as possible using only one's personal physical abilities. Beneath this surface-layer description it carries with it powerful concepts of challenge, exploration, adaptation, self-reliance, health and strength – both physical and mental.

In practise it involves running, jumping and climbing and the ensuing creation and perfection of any movement skills that are required to navigate a given situation. The original French term "art du deplacement means", translated as the 'art of movement', and is perhaps the most descriptive of all the names that have been applied to the activity over the years since its inception. However, as with all true transformative practices, it is more than the sum of its parts: parkour is also a road to self-improvement, a Way in more than just a literal sense.There is an essence to it, often described as the spirit of Parkour, that has proven difficult to verbalise but that clearly permeates the practise, the philosophies and the lifestyles of almost all serious practitioners.

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